Chainresult is a specialist in supply chain management in the food and agricultureal industries). We started in 2001, in the city of Arnhem. At the moment, just under a dozen professionals work at Chainresult and we are proud of our fantastic team. Many of our current customers have been with us from the beginning.

We help our customers to become more proficient in managing their supply chain. Our long-standing presence in the field makes us develop as we grow, along with the changing landscape of supply chain management.

We are the customer
We are not a “supplier”; to the software vendors, we are the customer sit next to our customer and act as the interface to our vendors. We often take on a leading role in breaking down complex issues into manageable pieces and in solving them. Because in the end, it’s not about our methods or models, it’s about the issues that your business faces.

We work together to figure out what is necessary and make that grow into a project. The consultants at Chainresult are action driven; they will look for the right tools and jointly solve problems. They play multiple roles as content manager, facilitator, as well as peacemaker.

Result-oriented business monitoring
We don’t leave until our work is done: we set the objective and we fulfil it!
It’s not about complex reports or advice, or software programming. It’s about thoroughly grasping problems and coming up with smart solutions. Making sure the solutions are implemented in such a way that the employees can work with them and that your business will achieve its goals. This is what we call business monitoring and this is what we do.

  • Smart solutions and concepts
  • Practical approach to achieving improvements
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Embedding in the organisation: and it really works

Henk Jan Rijkse

Just give me a difficult task in which a structure needs to be figured out. Solving challenging problems with smart colleagues, tying up all the loose ends. That’s what I enjoy doing. Or giving a workshop on one of our innovative concepts; that makes me happy. I love working on challenging supply chain issues, day and night.


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Managing your supply chain
is an art in itself. Our art.