Advanced planning & scheduling

We use Master Planning to help determine the right place and time for meeting your customers’ demands. Advanced planning helps make good judgments regarding the chain. As a result, you can optimise your business’s production and transport in order to meet the demand in the supply chain.

Advanced planning can been successfully used for production planning of one or more locations, sourcing and resolving allocation issues and optimising transport and stock. In addition, it is suitable for detailed planning and sequencing issues.

Software Selection & Implementation

The cost of implementing an ERP system is often higher than originally estimated and the results are only visible much later than planned. Chainresult helps you choose an efficient ERP solution based on specific business processes, in combination with the related requirements for support systems.

Besides offering support during the selection process, Chainresult also monitors your ERP implementation projects. We have a strong focus on business monitoring in order to ensure smooth operation of scenarios and detailed requirements in practice.

Forecast & Replenishment

Forecasting is all about prediction: the planning of future demands. Proper forecasting will make sure that your other planning processes are complete such as your long-term material supply or planning of adequate capacity. Forecast scenarios, on the other hand, often form the basis of replenishment planning. These are additional plans, for different levels of stock in the supply chain.

Together, we closely look at the possibilities, limitations and costs within your supply chain. Which processes require improvement, which support systems are suitable? We take all the relevant aspects into account: service level requirements, batch management, shelf life and cost-effective distribution.

Network Optimisation

Customers are satisfied when their expectations are met. This requires a well-established distribution network, so that you can provide good customer service at a manageable and acceptable cost. Chainresult optimises the distribution network so that locations, distribution capabilities, inventory levels and lead times are perfectly aligned.

Performance Management

In Performance Management, we look into the internal processes within your company. How do they contribute to the performance of your supply chain? For this we use key performance indicators (KPIs) that are in line with the strategic goals of your company and the operational goals of the various departments. Proper and relevant information will provide quick insight into the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. This allows us to adjust processes in time, to synchronise them and to prevent any future problems.

Sales & Operations Planning

Aligning sales and revenue targets according to capacity: that is what Sales & Operations Planning is about. It ensures greater predictability and makes sure that you can streamline the planning processes. Your company will be able to meet customer needs more effectively and you will have a clear understanding of the necessary actions to prevent future problems.

Chainresult goes above and beyond bringing supply and demand into balance. We integrate the Sales & Operations Planning process into the full breadth of your business. By doing this, operational decision makers contribute to the strategic goals of the company and optimise its result.

Transport Planning

Needless to say, you would like to meet your buyers’ demands efficiently. For this, proper transport planning is essential. We use smart planning tools to create an optimal transport plan for your business. Whether it concerns transport planning of general cargo or segmented bulk cargo, this is how you can easily deliver good customer satisfaction.

Managing your supply chain
is an art in itself. Our art.